In The Exact Spot



Garden Project

Médiathèque des Ursulines, Quimper



The communes of Quimper Communauté commissioned a work on the construction site of their new media library; this got me thinking about the kind of work that could be inspired by a construction site. The idea came to me while re-thinking a project for the MAC/VAL which consisted of recreating scenes from the construction of the museum in the exhibition rooms.  It was like using the materials and their placements to bring the construction site back to life inside the finished construction. Transporting this idea to the open air, the physical marks, materials and placements became the project matrix. At regular intervals during the construction of the media library I used photographs, notes and plans to document the situations, objects and materials which would make up the structure of the future installation in the exact spot on the site itself. A pile of breeze-blocks was thus transformed into a bench, a puddle became a shrub, a paint pot a tree, and a tyre track a line of flowers.