Mini Master Piece, 2017

Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto, 2017

Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto, 2013

Table Works, 2013

BLOW UP, 2011-2012

Composer dans le but de rendre quelqu'un heureux, 2011

Avec le pont, vient l'idée de la traversée, 2011

Via Ferrata, 2010

Bosco Sacro, 2010

Notes on a project to come (working notes), 1997 to now

Color Beginnings, 2010

Something I Was once Thinking about but Found Someone Had Thought about It Before , 2010

Propositions For A Landscape, 2009

Somewhere Between Where You're Coming From And Where You're Going To, 2007

Album, 2006

Grand Car Boot Sale, 2006

Bringing New Stories, 2004

A Wild Sheep Chase, 2003

I Clandestini, 2002

The Wood Which I had Envisaged to Build a Table, 2002

A Vase (for S.L), 2002

L'horizon, 2002

A Wall Made of a Memory, 2000

One Particular Moment, 2000

22/01-20/05/2000, 2000